How to Finalize in Excel

Finalizing the excel sheet assists secure the information from staying modified if you discuss copies of the document with another individuals. When many others open the document, Excel shows a see discourage them from creating modifications and prevents any modifications except end user especially empowers updating. For additionally protection, you could include password security to altogether disable updating by an unauthorized user.
Open the document having the sheet. In case the document includes another sheets you don’t need to discuss, save the document beneath new name and next remove the in addition sheets out of the new document.
Select the study options and select secure sheet when you need to altogether disable updating by any unauthorized users. Type password in the pop up screen and then select ok. Re type the password and then select ok one more time.
Select Mark as finalized and then select ok. Excel saves the document and will return to the sheet view. On top of the window the application shows the caution see a Author Has selected This file as finalized to Discourage updating. Additionally, it shows an Edit button, that usually lets users to change the data even if it’s finalized. In case you set password, nevertheless, clicking this won’t do a very good with no password.