How To Execute Excel Macros In Mac IWork

When you use spreadsheets quite a lot, you’ve very likely used a functions in the spreadsheet. These customized macros – scripts are on a regular basis programmed in to Microsoft excel sheets, when they can handle difficult calculations that easy spreadsheet formulas cannot. Macros are written in programming language contacted VBA.
Sadly, Apple’s spreadsheet software, Numbers, cannot read macros which are written in . When you have Apple’s iWork , nevertheless, there are several options you could try in case you still need to use macros in the spreadsheets. Apple Script to make your excel spreadsheet macros. It is built-scripting terms. All iWork ’09 software, which include Numbers, support the usage of AppleScript.
Modify your Numbers ’09 sheet to a Windows excel sheet format. Open the Numbers excel spreadsheet, and then click File, next save As. Choose Save copy , and select Excel Document out of the pop-up list. You could now employ macros to the sheet by opening the sheet with a version of Microsoft excel.