How To Customize Excel Ribbon

How To Customize Your Microsoft Excel Ribbon
The release of Microsoft excel version it new look and features. Among most obvious change was the excel ribbon, the process of tabbed functions that replaced the standard toolbar process of earlier editions of MS Office, on top of the window. A lot of users locate the large buttons menu structure cumbersome and Some features and commands can’t be edited, however those which can allow for more user-friendly screen.
Click on the Quick get toolbar button, that is small dash and arrow staging down in upper-left of excel window. From right here, select to lower the toolbar in case you need it altogether off. You could as well press Control and F1 at the same time to lower and maximize the excel ribbon. Choose the button or command which you need to add to the fast Access toolbar, right click and select include in Quick get Toolbar. It will provide you easy the ways to access some of the most used functions.