Turn Column In To All Caps In Excel

How To Turn A Column In To All Caps In Microsoft Excel

Unlike word, Excel doesn’t have a convert current column of text for all caps, need to utilize the UPPER feature in different column. This feature copies the text from the original column and modifications its case. When creating additional column with uppercase analyze, you could copy it paste its values on top of original column in to convert it Click cell in a empty column within the exact same row as first cell you need to convert. For instance, when you need to convert text within cells A1 through B11, click in B1.( with no quotations, then select the first cell to convert and click enter. Rather than clicking, you could as well type the cell location after opening parenthesis.

Double click the fill control in the right edge of the cell you only created. The new excel column with uppercase versions in the text from the start column. Right click the first cell within the original column next click 123 image in the Paste specific section to choose Values. Replaces the initial column with uppercase edition.

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