Business Plan Template Excel

April 2, 2015 jyler 0

Business Plan Template Excel for Financial Plan, Forecasts, Statements, Reports and Analysis Finally Easy-to-Use and Professional Business Plan Templates for Excel: This business plan templates […]

P&L Statement Template

February 8, 2015 jyler 0

There are many sources for free P&L statement template online. You can download excel template and use it as your ongoing P&L statement report for […]

Pareto chart for Excel

February 8, 2015 jyler 0

The Pareto Principle also known as 80/20 principle or 80/20 rule has been applied to business analysis and decision making in variety of business disciplines […]

What is sales funnel?

February 8, 2015 jyler 0

Sales pipeline or sales funnel is a sales reporting tool which gives you an overview of your sales force performances. It shows you the sales […]