Sales Pitch Ideas

The 5 Best Sales Pitch Ideas

When it comes time to come up with sales pitch ideas it’s easy to feel stumped. Without that first basic concept, it is very challenging to move things forward and develop the rest of the presentation.

One of the reasons that sales pitch development can feel so daunting is that you know how important it is to make sure that you leave a good impression with prospective customers. If your presentation goes very badly, you know that it is unlikely that they will flock to buy from you. This can make the “blank page” even more daunting than it would be for another task.

Therefore, your best bet is to use some common sense, knowledge, and creativity, and start to brainstorm to let the possibilities flow until you can choose the right one. To get you started, use the following list of five ideas that can help you to come up with the best presentation that will impress your customers.

Understand Your Audience and Their Needs

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The best sales pitch approaches are ones that can be used as a template so that they can be altered to custom-fit your audience. Every presentation that you give must be reworked so that it will speak directly to the customer that will be hearing it at the time.

Yes, it can have the same basic format, but you need to add the extra spark that will let the customer know that they are important enough to you to be worth your extra time. Show them that your product or service is specifically suited to their needs and goals.

Before every presentation, learn about your client’s company. Find out about their goals and what they are seeking to achieve. Know what they have to offer in terms of products and services. This will be exceptionally helpful in inspiring you for the perfect sales approach for each specific audience.

Create a solution

Since the main purpose of your sales pitch is to close a sale, you need to use that time to show your prospective customer that they don’t just want your product or service – they need it! Using examples from their own company, demonstrate how a problem specific to their business can be solved using what you are trying to sell.

Use ideas to structure your presentation in a way that will show them how you will solve struggles such as trying to speed up production without sacrificing quality; boosting their efficiency; saving them money. Discover what they need and show them how you will be able to provide it to them.

Practice Your Sales Presentation

The better you know your sales pitch, the better your presentation will go in front of your client. There is a big difference between the way that sales pitch look on your computer screen and the way that they will actually flow when you are presenting them live in front of other people. Practice in front of your mirror, friends, coworkers, and anybody else who will sit through it.

Make sure to obtain feedback from people who will be honest with you. Listen carefully to what they have to say and give their own thoughts a test run to see if they produce a superior result. Continue practicing until you are able to give a smooth, professional, comfortable, and seamless presentation.

Remember that each presentation you give will be different from the last. The more familiar you are with your sales pitch ideas, the better you will be at handling changes in environment, interruptions, questions, and other alterations.

Open the Floor to Questions

Since there usually isn’t very much time available for a presentation, you may feel inclined to try to fill every moment with more information and demonstrations. However, one of the best ideas that you can use is to keep room open to allow the clients to ask questions. Often, this is one of the parts of the presentation that they appreciate the most.

This allows them to find out specifically how your product or service will work for their specific needs. It lets them interact with you and think about the product on another level. It allows the client to steer the presentation in a direction that they would like, while you are able to create answers specific to their needs.

Follow Up

Always remember that what makes sales pitch presentations perfect is their ability to close a sale. Even if you have given the ideal presentation, many clients choose to “get back to you”. If that is the case, you shouldn’t depend on them to contact you.

Your customers are busy and can easily forget to get back to you. Too much time allows the drive to make the purchase fade, and leaves the door open for the competition to make a pitch, too.

Mark the date on your calendar and contact them again with a mini-pitch that will reassert the ability of your product or service to solve their problem.

Don’t forget to ask for the sale.


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