Sales Performance Metrics Template

Sales Performance Metrics Template for Tracking Sales KPIs and Creating Excel Sales Dashboard Reports

Understanding, growing and managing sales is all about understanding the sales numbers. This doesn’t have to be complicated because by selecting the few essential sales metrics for your business you can track your sales without much time and effort. Excel dashboard offers you the utility to organize your sales reports into well designed and efficient excel dashboard templates and simply update them whenever you need them based on your unique needs like every day, week or month.

Many sales managers fail at sales analysis and having good sales reports and analysis is critical managing sales. If you don’t really understand something it is impossible to manage it. The reason for this weakness is that most managers are simply looking at the latest numbers. However these numbers are just one snapshot in time and they don’t offer you much intelligence into your sales performance. Without tracking sales trends and defining sales metrics that make sense for your company it is hard to manage and grow your sales.

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By monitoring these types of sales metrics or sales KPIs you will be in a position to improve your intelligence for your sales performance. Tracking these measures will allow you to always manage your sales team based on the real results and their contributions to growth.

There are two types of sales KPIs and metrics – lagging and leading KPIs. Lagging KPIs will give you the output of your sales activities – this is what already happened and in most sales reports you will find these types of metrics. On the other hand, leading KPIs will include the metrics that are of strategic importance for your company and sales growth. These sales strategies will shape the future for the business. All your new projects, processes, people and plans will need to have effective KPIs so you can forecast and manage the future and not only focus on the past.

Sales reports can be time consuming to create and manage. While excel is a great sales analysis tool if you need different types of sales reports and need to update them frequently you should use excel dashboard templates where you can update your reports and metrics in a minute and focus on the your business not Excel.

How to use excel dashboards for sales reporting

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