Marketing Leverage Program

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Marketing Leverage System


Delivering Exceptional Marketing Results for Ordinary Businesses, Products and Services


The Marketing Leverage System helps businesses create powerful marketing systems. Now this successful system to creating winning marketing systems is available in PDF format so more businesses can take advantage of this system without the high cost of attending the 2-day seminar.

This is an organized approach to improving your current marketing system, processes, strategies and tactics!

Some of the areas covered in the Marketing Leverage Program include:

The Marketing Leverage System
The 3 Requirements of becoming a successful marketer
The assets of your marketing and sales systems
Why companies fail with marketing
The benefits of the marketing leverage system
Your ideal customer
Segmenting your market for success
The problem with marketing to average customers
Event based segmentation strategy
Creating successful offerings
Unique value propositions
Tools for creating competitive and unique products and services
How to use scamper
Blue ocean strategy in your business
Creating marketing strategies with ansoff matrix
Successfully marketing your services
Increasing demand for your products and services
How to differentiate any commodity or average product
value add pricing strategy
Pricing mechanisms for maximizing profit
Specializing for maximum profit
How to raise your prices the smart way
The 3-point pricing strategy
The buying vs selling process
3 elements of successful lead generation system
Direct response
Selecting the right media
Creating elevator pitch
Creating irresistible offers
Turning disadvantage into advantage
The power of free
Using how to clinics and seminars to grow your customer base
Using affinity marketing
Using the powerful cause related marketing in your business
Creating events
Content marketing
Email marketing
Social media marketing
Direct mail
Print advertising
Outdoor advertising
Radio advertising
TV advertising
More channels and ways to generate leads
How to increase your current conversion rate and grow your business
How to use words, headlines, guarantees, samples…
Creating social proof
Risk reversal strategy
Marketing Kit

… and many more strategies and tactics to develop effective marketing system and grow your business now and in the future.

The marketing leverage system is the most comprehensive marketing system available because it has been developed and tested on companies of any size, geography, industry, type…

If you are focused on growing your business you must have this ultimate 270-page guide and collection of tools and tactics to grow your business starting from day 1!


Marketing Leverage Program

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