How to Create Employee Schedule in Excel

How to Set Up Your Employee Schedule Excel Template

When you open Excel sheet go to Insert tab and choose Header and Footer. Then choose customized header where you can enter your employee schedule.Now go to page layout and then select orientation. Now choose landscape from page orientation. If you use older version of excel you can use the File list and then choose page setup again. Next choose landscape and type the information for the next 7 days for example in cell A3 and then choose the cell A5.

You can setup cell by modifying the font dimension size to for instance 11 and also choose bold on the Home tab. Now type in the initial day of your scheduled week for each of your employees.

Go to cell B7 and type the initial schedule time for your employees when they are required to begin work each day. You can use certain time increments in the remaining cells in the Row 5. This might be hours or about half hours time increments depending on your work schedule or typical week. You wil setup what looks like a typical work week and you can easily adjust your entries in weeks when you are required to make changes.

Select cell A7 and type the names of your initial employees normally in alphabetical order for easy reference. Within cell A9 you can type the following employees from A to Z till each employee is set in your new employee schedule.

You can skip certain row for easier visual reference and you can do repeatedly the same steps for the second week day in your excel employee schedule.

Do repeatedly exactly the same for the outstanding workweek days. Include design to the cells having days and employee names and times by using the fill color alternative in excel font group – you can find this on your Home tab.


Now you will save your employee excel schedule / plan as any other normal Excel template so you can use it all over again. Using excel templates will certainly enable you to easily and quickly reuse the schedule for employees time without having experiencing to set the schedule ever again from scratch.


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