How to Add a Series to a Chart in Excel

Add Series to Excel Chart

Many in the distinct chart types in excel organize the information based on the series. Every series is just range of data beneath the identical leading, or only within the exact same column, in initial range of data on the sheet. Whilst the excel chart will instantly bring up to date in case you change the information in any sort of series within the graph, when you need to include new ranges of information to chart you certainly will need to inform chart exactly where to see to locate the new information.

Right click excel column letter, and/or row value when the data are adjusted horizontal, which contains some of the chart data. Select add out of the pop top menu to make empty row or column in center of the data. Type name for the new series of data in the first cell within the new row or column. If the remaining portion of the data doesn’t have titles, don’t do that. Then type all information for this new series in the row or column.

Click just about anywhere on the graph to activate it. Select the design options on top of the window, next click choose data in the left of ribbon. Select source of data screen will show up. Click add button beneath the Legend values leading in the left of screen. Put your cursor in the Series name area and next click the title for the new series of data. In case you don’t have title, only depart this box empty. Put your cursor in the Series Values box and click Backspace to delete what is within there. Next click the first excel cell having the new series of data and pull the mouse down the final cell prior to releasing the mouse.

Click OK in order to close Edit Series screen, and then click it one more time in order to close choose source of data screen. The new series will show on the chart.

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